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    Good to read that the issue is resolved and thanks for closing the loop.
  2. 50Plymouth.com page gone?

    Thanks 50HR. Blueskies's page was one of the first helpful sites I found when I got my first Plymouth (a short lived '50) and then my '52. Glad I'm able to Bookmark this resource for future use.
  3. carburetor with manual choke

    Wow Jorge! That is a very nice looking Plymouth. I hope you get your choke sorted out. If you go manual choke then hopefully you can post a photo or two of your set up. Good luck!
  4. P23concord intro

    Can't wait to see the photos for your business coupe. Sure sounds like a lot of progress has been done.
  5. introduction

    I'm with JD52 and enjoy reading your progress and thoughts on that. I hope you get to post some more photos as you go along.
  6. Wide Whites

    When I was young (50+ years ago) I'd wash my uncle's 54 Caddy Eldorado with white walls and used Ajax on them. I know better than that now. I use Simple Green spray on my Coker wide whites with a used kitchen non stick scouring pad and they've stayed pretty white since I've had the car. I also have used a brush with plastic bristles when needed. Tony
  7. West Palm Beach FL area contact - anyone?

    Thomba, I hope you found someone. Have you tried the Plymouth Owner's Club or their Facebook page? I'd love to help but I'm on the opposite coast. Tony
  8. 1952 Plymouth Gear Shift Knob

    I'm even more amazed! Great job on that Mike. You're right about the emergency brake T handle. Maybe I can find a way to fill where it's cracked and chipped much like some have done with steering wheels. Tony
  9. carburetor with manual choke

    Jorge, try a manual choke set up. I know you're in Brazil and Plymouth resources may not be as available but possibly a Google search on manual choke set ups with photos might give you ideas to take to a local garage. I wouldn't recommend the pouring gas to start your Plymouth.
  10. Cooling System

    Welcome Early 49. I hope you get to post some photos of your Plymouth soon. All the above advice is similar to what helped me when I had overheating issues. Ultimately it was the water distribution tube that was bad and I think I posted photos of mine on this and the p15-d24 forums. I used a threaded rod that my brother made which was ground slim enough with a hook shaped at the end to GENTLY pull my WDT out with a jig using wood blocks. And that was after spraying lots of PB Blaster into that channel from the front and rear (heater valve).The replacement tube from Vintage Power Wagons cost me about $50. I also used a kitchen food thermometer in the radiator opening to double check the temp. But as was shared, start with the simplest possible issues first and I pray your WDT is nice and solid. Tony
  11. 1940 Plymouth 4 Door deluxe

    Way cool! Congrats on the find.
  12. 1952 Plymouth Gear Shift Knob

    Mike, this is great. I'm so blown away with the advances in technology in my lifetime and this is just another example of that. My background was in public education so getting a color laser printer and later color chart/poster makers were real big deals Post a photo of your gear shift knob on your car when you get a chance. Would this also work with emergency brake handle? Tony
  13. New Guy

    Welcome Dave15. Hope to see photos and updates of your 49 project as you move along. Forum members here have been very helpful to me when I've had questions regarding my 52.
  14. Seat Covers - Slip On

    On posts i've read on seat covers it seems that years back there were some designed for these old Mopars and come up infrequently on eBay. But they are years old and possibly brittle. In terms of newer seat covers, maybe the ones for truck bench seats might work. Where's the hole on the seat located? Is it something that a cool Plymouth or Route 66 patch with cloth adhesive could cover?
  15. She looks beautiful. You're going to love it. Didn't see any blue smoke coming out of that exhaust on your video so you're that much ahead LOL Good luck and hope to hear she's out on the road soon. Tony