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  1. FS:1950 P19 2dr Sedan (Fastback)

  2. FS:1950 P19 2dr Sedan (Fastback)

  3. Trunk Lock cylinder replacement

    Gotcha! Any ideas on how to get the little retaining ring off? Gary
  4. Trunk Lock cylinder replacement

    Dana, Thanks for the reply! For whatever reason, my key will not turn the cylinder, so I guess I need to find another trunk handle... I'm also not sure what you mean by the 'ketch'....is that the square post that actually engages the latch mechanism? Thanks!
  5. Trunk Lock cylinder replacement

    Getting ready to send some parts to the chrome shop and I need to remove the lock cylinder from my trunk handle. Any tips on how to remove it? Gary
  6. Battery Tray

  7. 1950 differences

    Special deluxes featured a bypass cooling system, Deluxes had no such feature. Also, Special Deluxe models used a larger oil bath air cleaner than the Deluxes. Among 1950 models there is some variation in the belt/pulley system. Early '50 models used a narrow fan belt, later models use a wide belt. I understand there were also as many as 3 different distributors used...an early model with a 'large' cap, and a later model with a small cap.
  8. Package Tray Help

    Gary, the package tray is the little panel between the top of the back seat and the rear window. Some folks call it a package tray, others call it a window deck. There should be some kind of matboard panel that fills in that gap behind the seat and window...I'm curious to know what it looks like. Gary
  9. Rear quarter glass seal

    Gary, Can't wait to see the fastback. I have a '50 fastback myself that I'm just starting to tear into! Keep us updated on your progress!
  10. Package Tray Help

    The package tray in my '50 fastback is long gone...any idea what these looked like originally? Thanks, Gary W.
  11. Rear quarter glass seal

    Gary, Factory part number is 1249033 for the right, 1249034 for the left. Steel has these, part #40-0388-77 Hope that helps! Gary White