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  1. Hi and Hello, I have spotted a nice 1949 Plymouth that I am really interested in the West Palm Beach area. On paper - saying through emails and interactions - all looks good. But then - as good hearted as any seller might be - can you really trust a book by its cover? In other words, I once bought a car in the US without having it being checked by someone else. That was a bit of a mistake I do not want to do again. My problem - I can't simply just fly over from Germany to have a look at one car. That is from a timing and financial perspective just not a feasible act. Hence my question: Would anyone know a person that could stand in for me? That could check this car out for me and let me know his or hers objective point of view? I am not looking for a professional type as such, a simple check up would certainly do. And obviously, all occurring costs would be covered by me. Maybe you happen to have a name that you could pass on to me? Thank you very much for any thoughts and ideas that you might be able to pass on to me. Thom P.S. Thanks also to all those that I have contacted already directly and that have been so keen in helping and supporting me :-) You know who I mean :-)
  2. Thanks. I shall just do that. ????????
  3. Thanks. That has inspired me :-)
  4. Hi Tony. I quite like this kind of execution. Did you, they, use a kit for this? Thom
  5. Thanks Brian
  6. I was wondering if there is a nice way to line out the trunk of a convertible. Of course I can easily imagine a hand-made solution, but I was wondering if there are some nice alternatives around (either off shell or self-made) that could inspire me. thanks
  7. Thanks
  8. I am particularly interested in the trim red description. What product do you use?
  9. ?
  10. Sorry for not being precise enough. Yes, trim red.
  11. Hi, Is there a replacement radio that could be hidden behind the grill. I want fm and an auxiliary input. Thanks Thom
  12. Hi. Is there anybody who has a nice looking clock with a Quartz mechanism for sale? Thanks
  13. Hi. Is there anybody who has a nice looking clock with a Quartz mechanism for sale? Thanks
  14. Hi, What paint spray is there on the market that comes close to the Plymouth red for accessory touch ups? And by the wy: What was the original #colour# of the engine like? Thanks Thom
  15. Thanks for these insights.?