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  1. I found a replacement tumbler on E-bay 50 DLUXE
  2. I found a working lock tumbler on E-bay. Thanks for your help. 50 DELUXE
  3. That's is just what I did. The local lock smith has been in business for 76 years, I figured if any one could fix it they could. They said the tumbler is damaged and could not be fixed and they did not have a tumbler that would fit. That is why I am looking for one on line. 50 DEUXE
  4. I am looking for a working lock tumbler & key for my 1950 P20 Plymouth trunk. I am willing to buy the complete trunk handle to get a good working lock & key. 50 DELUXE
  5. I have a 1950 P 20 Plymouth w/a 3 seed trans. Are there any other over drives available for this car other than the stock over drive? I know there are some after market over drives out there. Has any one used one?
  6. I think he is talking about the part of the floor that covers the transmission. Yes that cover can be removed on my 1950 Plymouth P 20 50 DELUXE
  7. Your right but I have 1 that leaks. I took it apart and put sealer around it, so far it is holding air. Some ware I think I remember seeing the smaller 5/8 x 3/4 size. Robert
  8. I need 5 OVAL SLOT TUBELESS TIRE VALVES. size 5/8 x 3/4. I have 5 Milton # 476 size 5/8 x 7/8 that are to large. Milton does not have the size I need. Thanks 50 DELUXE
  9. I am looking for a trunk lock w/ key for a 1950 P 20 Thanks 50 DELUXE
  10. I have an oil filter bracket that holds the AC filter on the 1950 P 20 217 cu Eng. If any one needs it let me know 50 DELUXE
  11. Boy, I did the roll start thing all the time back in the day, how soon we forget with most new cars built as automatics today. Thanks for jogging my memory. 50 DELUXE
  12. Looks the same as mine. What are you asking? 50 DELUXE
  13. That's a great idea all so . Thanks
  14. Sounds like a plan. Thanks
  15. What is the best way to jump start a 6 v system with a 12 v system ?