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  1. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    The puzzle continues...... Clutch linkage install and adjusted including over center spring 3- Mystery parts (photo) - if anyone recognizes please advise...
  2. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Tones52 - thanks - a ways to go yet, but a good start. My father in law made a couple of errors in reassembly which was a puzzle to figure out. I will likely ping you for some graphics in manuals - mine aren't good at all in that area. Interior would need work as you indicated, and likely rockers on passenger side only. Electrical is next followed by fuel - then startup. Will evaluate how deep the next steps will be based on the results. Admiring your assessment skills just based on a few pics - this was taken after the first cut on the paint. You nailed that
  3. Needing the pull back spring which runs from bracket to clutch Fork. Part number is 1135-989 in the parts catalog. Need spring or if if anyone has insight to a direct replacement. Thanks!
  4. 1950 Special Deluxe 4 door

    I am in need of part number 1135-989, clutch release fork pull-back spring. If anyone has one, email me at othy62@gmail.com with pic and price. Thanks!
  5. If anyone has any images of fully assembled clutch linkage and in particular clutch linkage to clutch fork area I'd greatly appreciate if you could post. I've attached the exploded view from online.
  6. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Thanks 50HR. Wife took this pic in the haul home also through the rear view.
  7. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    50HR, could you upload a pic of the covers of the manuals you have so I can know definitively which one. Many out there. Much appreciated if you can.
  8. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Thanks 50HR - I'll acquire.
  9. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Attached are the manuals I've obtained. Just curious if these would show the most information and graphics. Thanks for the help in this forum. I'm sure as I progress I will need counsel!
  10. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Picked up the car this past weekend. Just starting to review. I did obtain manuals for service and parts - reprints - think I need to obtain originals if anyone knows a source. Not much for exploded views in the reprints.
  11. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Thanks for the info. Our plan is to complete the car as original. Our aspiration is to take this car finished back to the family reunion in 2 years completed. Appreciate the engagement on this site.
  12. 49 Plymouth Special Deluxe - Family Matters

    Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. I'll pursue those routes.
  13. Acquired a P8 1949 Special Deluxe which was my wife's Great Grandmothers. Looking to do a full restore on this car. If anyone has tips on information resources for me to use to understand stock configuration and how complete this car is from original I would greatly appreciate. Just signed up to this forum and will be reviewing what I can. Thanks