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  1. Rear Axle

    The axle assembly does have the drop out third member or pumpkin as some call it. You could then locate a good third member and swap it in after a careful cleaning of the axles and housing etc. On the p15 d 24 site a lot of folks have used explorer rear axles. I almost did that and found a 4.11 limited slip assembly for peanuts in the junk yard. I later sold it, and decided to keep the oem axle. Other choices would be 8 1/4 axle from a diplomat or Dakota or Cherokee- 8 3/4 axle from a muscle era mopar B body should work too. All will need the axle perches moved. what kind of threw me was the xplorer axle tube is larger and hard to find the right size perches. The other axles should use a standard 3 inch tube, something to consider.
  2. paint

    I would think there are filters you can use. Which type exactly is something you can probably find on line, or by calling an auto paint supply store.
  3. carburetor with manual choke

    No worries for the fuel tank sender the runtz resistor installed at the gauge will fix the problem.
  4. points

    By the way others have made a pointless dist conversion using a mopar 225 slant six electronic distributor and the main shaft from the flathead. Requires turning down the 225 dist by 0.030 " off of the diameter of the part that fits in the block. I have made one of these but not installed it yet. There is a write up on how to do this on the P15 d 24 site. I like this because you can be assured to find pickups, cap & rotor and related service parts pretty easily at most parts stores anywhere.
  5. Cooling System

    Infrared thermometer is perfect for reading temps off of various items. Does not need to see the coolant ...
  6. carburetor with manual choke

    The ammeter does not care, just reverse the connections so it shows + when charging/running. For the fuel gauge I used a runtz resistor to drop the voltage. Your points and condenser will be fine as well. Coil needs to be 12 volt. If you have an electric wiper motor - it will need a constant 6 volt source, and the heater fan will need the same. Runtz resistor will not work because of the variable load from each. I found a VW website that had the instructions on how to make a 6 volt source, involves a couple of resistors, or diodes and a transistor with a heat sink, I don't recall exactly. For my heater fan I swapped in a 12 volt motor. The starter motor will be fine as well. Light bulbs need to be changed for 12 volt equivalents. I found charts on line that showed what to use based on the bulb number..
  7. carburetor with manual choke

    I am not an expert, but I did examine this. I've been using the electric choke with 12 volts and have had no issues. If you look at the way the choke is wired it goes to the starter so it only sees 12 volts for the time the starter is cranking. If I understand the function of the choke correctly it is triggered by the throttle position while starting and the electrical impulse to close the carb choke plate. The rest of opening the choke is based on the exhaust manifold heat. Maybe I am wrong, but I seriously doubt there is much to be concerned about with the choke and 12v....I'd like to hear from others if I am wrong....thanks !
  8. P23concord intro

    I will post some pics once I get the car back from the body shop. Body guy is doing a really good job fixing the sins from the 70's. A lot of straightening bent stuff etc....
  9. points

    NGK plugs are the best i have found in terms of quality....will not use champions unless they are the only choice. It's a matter of what your experience has been.
  10. New tires for old cars

    I used 80's cop rims and 215 70 15's. Work fine...
  11. Cooling System

    Verify that the temperature gauge is accurate. I use an infrared digital thermometer- cheap at the HF store. Or use a mercury thermometer stuck in the opening for the radiator cap. I found my gauge read high...I use a 180 thermostat. Better for heating up the motor and the oil to drive off condensate and also improves engine behavior, my motor runs smoother and is easier to drive - suspect this is more complete combustion. Heat = power.
  12. Doorseal Rubber

    Thanks for the reply ! Ok - so you cut the thin rubber to length which is double stick and apply it to the metal core and then attach the chevy hood seal rubber to the thin rubber? It looks like you trimmed the double lumped rubber to mimic the transition area to the door seal, correct ? How much difficulty will I have putting this in place without taking off the front fender ? It looks like this thing is stuffed in pretty tight...?
  13. P23concord intro

    I just re registered on the site. I had not posted the first time around a couple of years ago, and lost the user name and password.. Anyway I have been working on my 52 bus coupe for a couple of summers and have been on the p15 d 24 site quite often. Lots of good info there, and here as well. Have had a lot of success working on the concord and now have it in the body shop to fix some sins done to her back in the 70's. Bad body work repair... Done so far: aerostar coil springs cut and installed, new rear springs, shocks, sway bar, radiator, rebuilt fuel system including fuel tank, distributor overhaul, 12 volt neg ground & altenator, rewired entire car, turn signals, RG-10 overdrive install w spicer conversion driveshaft, relined parking brake, 10 inch clutch, TO and pilot bearing, dropped oil pan and installed best gasket rear main seal, 80's cop rims and new bfg radial TAs (blackwalls out), disc brakes front and rear, tandem master cyl...a lot of stuff ! I had noted the body section had some info on the hinge pillar post seal, but apparently the post is somehow affected because the pics are not visible. Maybe someone will post a solution or site I can look at this stuff. I will need to generate a solution to this since new door gaskets etc are part of the paint work being done now... I've spent a lot of time messing with muscle era mopars and know them well. The older cars like the concord are a treat to mess with !
  14. Doorseal Rubber

    I am not able to see the images from this post. Can I access them someplace else or am I missing something ?