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  1. paint

    I concur with Suntennis. 3m's half face respirator works really well. I sprayed epoxy primer with it and never had an issue. --Brian
  2. 50Plymouth.com page gone?

    Thank you! His page is such a valuable resource given the detail and photos he uses. --Brian
  3. reunite Good Going book for VIN 12210215 // '49 Spcl Delux

    There is a garage in San Diego called Masons Auto Clinic that specializes in classic cars. My uncle in law works there and they may be able to check and see if the new owner is a customer. Give them a call sometime. --Brian
  4. 50Plymouth.com page gone?

    I have often used the 50Plymouth page started by BlueSkies as a reference when doing light modifications or I can't quite remember how something should be assembled. I noticed the other day that the site seems to be gone. If memory serves, the car had been sold several years ago but he kept the page up as a reference to others. He was a member of this site, so I hope he is doing well. He was a great resource to a lot of shade tree guys who tinkered on the weekends. --Brian

    Nice work, Rekbender. Glad this got figured out. --Brian

    Is this a new problem in a car that did not have issues before? If so, I would look at the ignition switch. and follow wires back to the battery checking the horn relay, as well. There is a short somewhere. If not, then check that the wiring on the ignition switch is set up correctly. Get yourself a multimeter or even a cheap test light. These will help you assess where there is power that should not have it with the ignition switch off. Let us know the outcome! --Brian
  7. motor mounts

    Steele Rubber will vulcanize your current mounts. But you have to send in your originals. http://www.steelerubber.com/motor-mount-service-40-0411-11 --Brian
  8. Hard time getting car into 1st gear

    Good morning from Reno, NV, Jorge. Hope things south of the equator are going well. For you particular manual, page 205 is where the shift linkage adjustment details are. The title may say "Transmission - Overdrive" but it covers both overdrive and standard three speed without overdrive. To help orient yourself to the linkage rods, run the car through its gears and you should see how the levers on the transmission are acutated to allow shifting into R/1 and 2/3. I know the pictures in the reprinted manuals can be a bit grainy, so the adjustment graphic is showing the steering column and the shift linkage that connects at the steering column. Good luck!! --Brian
  9. 1940 Plymouth 4 Door deluxe

    Nice find! Looks like a keeper. --Brian
  10. Tool Kits

    Thank you, BigAdams. This is exactly what I was looking for!
  11. ebay parts cache for 49-52 Plymouth

    OD typically shows up for $1200, but there was one guy who had one on there for a long time for $2750 and I think this dude saw that listing and went for the same. There's a LOT of stuff being offered that you usually don't see but the prices are a bit high. I'm content to sit back and wait for him to drop the price or keep looking.
  12. ebay parts cache for 49-52 Plymouth

    Anyone else notice there's a seller selling a whole bunch of parts? He's asking a pretty penny but has been slashing prices the past day or so. He has not one, but two OD transmissions for under $3,000. Sounds like he inherited what he has or is just offloading what he has collected over the years. --Brian
  13. 48 or 49

    I seem to recall that there were some Plymouths built with dodge panels at one point. Suntennis or JD52 might remember better than I, but I could swear there was a member of the site with a 50s Plymouth that was a rebadged Dodge. The 48 and 49 Plymouths also looked entirely different on the outside. --Brian
  14. 1940 Plymouth sedan value

    There are a lot of factors that affect value on these old cars. Condition of paint, body, interior, drive train, and so on can affect the desirability. --Brian

    I just roll start. Lots of hills in NV. Even did it rolling backwards down a hill once. The wife was not amused. Couldn't turn the car around first as it was, *ahem* a one-way street known a an interstate. -- Brian