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  1. Time to say goodbye....

    This announcement really bummed me out. But I can certainly understand the reasons. Thank you Rich and Steve for keeping it going for as long as you did. Let me also extend my thanks to jd52cranbrook, suntennis, hawkhero, bigadams and all the other members who have me so much helped me with my '52 Cranbrook, Lil Jenny. Knowing that this will be no more let me share this photo from yesterday where our daughter's close friend asked if Lil Jenny could be used for photos for their wedding. Hope our virtual paths again cross, either on the p15-d24 or Plymouth Owners Club Facebook page sites. Better if they cross in the real world though. Best to all. Tony
  2. Looking for door window channel bottom for 48

    Marcapra, maybe try Steele Rubber for the bottom channel and Andy Bernbaum (oldmoparts.com) for the roller assembly. Maybe searching on the p15-d24.com forum to see if there's a roller assembly from another Mopar model that would work. Have you tried the National Desoto Club for help? Good luck with your project.
  3. Trunk Lock cylinder replacement

    Thanks Dana. My friend Mike with the 50/51 Plymouth (51 with a 50 front end) sent me this link to a neat series of You Tube videos which I could imagine watching if I was in an auto shop class in the early 50's. Mind you, it's a black and white film strip slide show with what sounds like a vinyl record audio explantion. Mind you, I'm old enough to have seen film stops both as a student and later in my early years as a teacher. Anyway about 9 minutes into this video there's a fix related to our trunk locks that includes your suggestion of turning that retaining ring or ferrule with pliers. I'll post that link here in case it is helpful to others. There's a whole series of these videos which are pretty darn neat. Dang, the internet can sometimes be pretty good! Again thanks for the help. Vintage Master Tech 1950 Slide Show for 1950 Mopars
  4. Wow! It looks like you restored it already! It looks like the just needs a mild rub compound and waxing. The chrome and trim should also clean up nice. If it's just the interior needs to be done that may be on the more expensive side. My hope is that it's just the front seat that needs to be redone and the pattern from the rear seat will be helpful to the shop that does the work. Is the '49 pretty water tight? Like when you wash it, is there leakage from the window seals? Looking forward to seeing more photos but what a great thing it would be to take this piece of family history to the reunion. BTW I do have original manuals, if there's something you need a scan of before you get your original manual, message me. Again, good luck!
  5. New here

    Welcome and enjoy your project '54, Dr. B. Hopefully you'll get to add a photo or two of your '54. The nice thing is that there's plenty of suppliers for the mechanical side of things for these Plymouths. Body and trim pieces are a bit more challenging so hopefully yours is nice and complete in that department.
  6. 1954 PLymouth Savoy 4-door

    Well, what's done is done. If you had posted on say Craigslist or one of the Facebook vintage Mopar pages, I feel you might have gotten a higher selling price closer to $3k because the Plymouth lines look straight, it's running and you have all the trim pieces to go with it. But, if you did try selling it and no takers and needed to sell it to make room for another project, no place to store it etc., then the winning bid price put money in your pocket and allows the new owner to have a nice project to work with, Figure at least another $6k needed for having it painted, interior redone and minor rust repair.
  7. Trunk Lock cylinder replacement

    I was able to pick up a nicer backing plate for my '52's trunk but didn't know how to take my original apart. Fortunately, I came across this thread. Dana - when you filed that indentation on that retaining collar, how much of it did you remove? I'm thinking just enough to stick a small screwdriver to lift the sides maybe? And ws the filing done on one of the sides of that indentation or right down the middle of it? I've included a couple of pix. Thanks Tony
  8. Cooling System

    Jorge, I'm in Southern California and this week the weather forecast is that it will be over 100 degrees for most of the week. The temperature gauge will climb just past the midway point if I'm stopped at a long traffic signal but once I start driving again, the gauge needle will move down. Should your Plymouth start to run hotter than you feel it should then maybe check the water distribution tube. Good luck in staying cool Tony

    Good to read that the issue is resolved and thanks for closing the loop.
  10. 50Plymouth.com page gone?

    Thanks 50HR. Blueskies's page was one of the first helpful sites I found when I got my first Plymouth (a short lived '50) and then my '52. Glad I'm able to Bookmark this resource for future use.
  11. carburetor with manual choke

    Wow Jorge! That is a very nice looking Plymouth. I hope you get your choke sorted out. If you go manual choke then hopefully you can post a photo or two of your set up. Good luck!
  12. P23concord intro

    Can't wait to see the photos for your business coupe. Sure sounds like a lot of progress has been done.
  13. introduction

    I'm with JD52 and enjoy reading your progress and thoughts on that. I hope you get to post some more photos as you go along.
  14. Wide Whites

    When I was young (50+ years ago) I'd wash my uncle's 54 Caddy Eldorado with white walls and used Ajax on them. I know better than that now. I use Simple Green spray on my Coker wide whites with a used kitchen non stick scouring pad and they've stayed pretty white since I've had the car. I also have used a brush with plastic bristles when needed. Tony
  15. West Palm Beach FL area contact - anyone?

    Thomba, I hope you found someone. Have you tried the Plymouth Owner's Club or their Facebook page? I'd love to help but I'm on the opposite coast. Tony