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  1. Wide Whites

    Thanks guys ! I'll check it out.
  2. Wide Whites

    Looking to keep my wide whites bright and keep them from yellowing. I've been using dishwashing liquid and a lot of elbow grease. Don't want to scuff them up nor do I want to bleach them. Any other suggestions will be appreciated?
  3. Cooling System

    I had a similar problem. Check your thermostat and see if it's stuck open ? I also installed a 6 volt pusher fan on radiator. Problem solved.
  4. Horn Ring

    Thanks, will give it a shot.
  5. Horn Ring

    1951 Plymouth Cranbrook, horn ring. Seem to be having a problem getting the horn ring off. Any suggestions ? Horns works, Tested at the horns individually, both OK. Pressing on horn button or ring only 1 horn works..... sometimes both.

    I purchased a "sealed 6 volt battery" that I keep in the trunk. Take it every time I'm rolling. I also purchased a " 6 volt battery tender" when not in use. Quick way to jump start in an emergency. Not worried about frying wiring or burn out gages.
  7. 51 cranbrook

    Hi Charlie, interested in generator, starter. Let me know if you still have them and what the cost ? Slingshot
  8. Freeze Plugs

    Hi Hawk, LOL, Oh I understand completely, but the question was if you " remove" the freeze plugs will the engine run normally ? Without freeze plugs, engine would overheat without proper circulation, let alone crack the block during cold temps if there was no expansion. ?
  9. Freeze Plugs

    I don't understand your question? When removing freeze plug, you must replace it !
  10. Freeze Plugs

    Question? 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook. Anyone replaced the freeze plug behind the oil filler tube ? Wasn't sure if the tube comes out by twisting, pulling , to gain access to freeze plug ? Thanks Slingshot.
  11. Finally got my Wide Whites. Rides great ! Glad I went back to Bias. ?


  12. Wide Whites - Sizes

    I also have a 51 Cranbrook & looking for WW. Torn between bias & radials. Like the Firestone look posted, but would rather have them in radials.then the decision tube or no tubes. Any suggestions from those of you who installed the bias or radials? Are you happy with the handling ? How about them fort of the drive? Thanks Slingshot
  13. Diecast

    Looking to locate & buy 1:24 scale model of 1950-1951 plymouth sedan. All options considered.?
  14. Latch

    Hi,looking for drivers side front door latch. 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook. Thanks for any info you might have.
  15. Reaching out

    Being new to site, How does one answer post to questions answered by members & what does it mean "0" warnings under left side of images.