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  1. Cooling System

    Tony, thanks for advice, i already check all water system and revise and clean radiator, car is running well and temperature is betwen 160 and 190, if car is running nedle is on 180 or less, if stopped in the traffic 190, same like you just start to drive nedle move down, so I think old Plymouths are born to run and not stop and go in big cities, I leave in São Paulo, we have the higher number of signal per square meters in the world........right car but wrong city.....regards.....Jorge
  2. Cooling System

    I fully understand , so I will keep termostat out , lets see how Plymouth will run.......Thanks
  3. Cooling System

    I have the proper termostat on my P18 engine 1949 exact like the picture above, I realized engine is becoming too hot, not overheating but almost 200 fahrenheit. I am in Brazil and climate is warm, so I decided to remove termostat, no doubt temperature is from 160 to 180 now, do you think any damage to engine due lack of termostat.? Thanks and Regards
  4. I have a 56 Plymouth belvedere, inline 6. Recently I have lost all power going up hills. I thought it was gas but I seem to be losing power. My idle is inconsistent, I ran every cleaner through the gas system but no luck, any ideas? Maybe a failing head gasket? 

    1. Jorge La Porta

      Jorge La Porta

      Jimmy, I am not an expert in Plymouths, I just rebuilt mine one year ago, but believe or not all problens related to lack of power  I had or something similar to a engine full stop with car running are all related to carburetor, some problens considering float level and dirty on the fuel. Therefore I have a Chevrolet C10 and a hill to climb in my garage, lack of power was related with Ignition spark plug cable, just replace and no more problens on the hill or everywere..........

      Many years ago I had an Aero Willys 1966 and problem was in the tank a part named in Brazil as Fisherman in the gas tank was the problem, it didnt work well with less of half fuel tank.

      Each car has a unique answer for problens, so good luck. 


  5. carburetor with manual choke

    I did not fix anmeter an fuel gauge yet, but your recommendations is on the way.....................
  6. carburetor with manual choke

    Considering brazilian weather and a good cleaning on carburetor l wiIl run Ply without choke, our warm weather can allow to start engine in the morning just pressing the accelerator and its inject fuel..............it is working.............
  7. Hard time getting car into 1st gear

    I will try to explain how problem was fixed, for sure adjustment on page 205 as indicated helps a lot but in fact stems for first and reverse has a light imperfection compared with regular position causing a problem on first rod inside the gearbox and locked the gear box at first in some positions. So I had to open the gearbox and machine the first gear rod to removing the litle imperfection. It is working OK, stems wrong position caused a wear on first gear rod.............i hope to use proper english to explain. Maybe levers are better than stems in english.
  8. carburetor with manual choke

    Thanks again for clarification,,,,,,,I will proceed as you indicated ......in 30 days more after my vacations I will report what I got...................regards.
  9. carburetor with manual choke

    I got your comments and I will try them for sure as soon Plymouth will go to garage to adjustments. I have a broke vacuum wiper and no heater fan, so 12 volts wiper will be fine. Any comments about 6-volt gas tank float? ,,,,how to proceed.?.....regards....
  10. carburetor with manual choke

    By the way you conected to 12 volts ammeter and fuel gauge too? Both are 6 volts in my car and I keep disconected.
  11. carburetor with manual choke

    Sometimes we create ghosts......maybe you are right......I will consider your sugestion ...Thanks and Regards.....
  12. carburetor with manual choke

    Thanks I will report changes and results as soon I get done. Regards,,,,,
  13. carburetor with manual choke

    I will think a way to use 6 volts choke based on resister following your comments, i will try to keep Plymouth the most original possible, for sure Plymouth need choke, i have others old cars 6 cilinders and basically americam cars (Willys and Chevrolet) and all of them need choke, climate is good but gasoline is poor in octanage and 25% of ethanol is added..................Regards
  14. carburetor with manual choke

    I do agree with you considering pooring gas into carburetor, it is not safe, unfortunatelly it is necessary sometimes mainly in beginning of re-building process, Please allow me to understand principles of resister for the coil wire to step down from 12 to 6 volts, I discussed a possible resister with a friend here (eletyrical especialist) he thinks it is not possible due charge in the choke in a continuous way, not only at engine start or in conection with ignition. We didnt use in order to preserve electrical choke. If resister is a feasible process we can use it to ammeter and fuel gauge too?.It s possible to send a phloto and where a can buy?Thanks about your information is helping a lotand forsure it was great join the group. Photo from today at Walmart in Sao Paulo, Plymouth was great after one week I started engine after 5 seconds just holding choke and right after imediatelly.
  15. carburetor with manual choke

    Thanks to your recomendation, I have the carburetor and eletrical choke 6 volts.(turn off).....so I will find a cable and I will fixe the manual choke.......but please explain me why not a gasoline injection at carburetor ...fire risk? or other technical reazon?Regards......